Herbal Homekeeping: Aromatherapy – Part II of VI

Rose Pnk        Know the Difference Between Fragrance and Essential Oils


Fragrance oils were developed in the 1950’s because it is not always profitable to distill essential oils. These synthetically fragranced oils are compounded in a laboratory to simulate the flowers, spices. and combination of fragrances for which they are named, some of which are NOT possible to obtain with the distillation process of essential oils. Use fragrance oils with caution –these are NOT true “essential oils.” (NOTE: We do NOT recommend using “fragrance oils” in personal care products — only in crafting potpourris, and limited home fragrancing applications.)


Essential oils are used in aromatherapy by two methods: 1) through the olfactory system, when scent is smelled; and 2) through the skin, when an essential oil is carefully blended, with a carrier oil. The carrier oil therefore dilutes the essential oil, so it does NOT come into direct contact with the skin in its original form.


Life experiences relate memories to various scents, in individually unique ways. These personal responses result in scent preferences, are determined before blending essential oils with carrier oils, for an individual’s desired effect. Psychotherapists are currently studying this memory-scent association.


Aromatherapists have a technical understanding of essential oil’s constituents, and herbal properties, for artful blending with desired results; based on the broadly-recognized agreement of the established properties of certain essential oils. Results vary by individual.


Responses one might experience from some essential oil blends might include relaxation, rejuvenation, invigoration, maybe even memory enhancement. Many have healthful properties such as anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-spasmodic. The purpose of aromatherapy is to find scents that evoke positive sensory feelings and emotions, and introduce them into everyday living, to enhance well-being. The practice of aromatherapy uses pure essential oils, extracted from many parts of the plant, with the purpose of intentionally affecting the mind and spirit.




Did you know???

5,000 pounds of rose petals –as many as 100 million, are needed to produce one pound of rose oil!


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