Herbal Homekeeping: Aromatherapy – Part III of VI

Rose Pnk     Be Careful with Essential Oils


 It should be noted that not all essential oils are beneficial to health — some are dangerous to use. Some are skin irritants, neurotoxic, phototoxic, can cause cancer, are abortive, or not to be used on children or during pregnancy. Before using, it is important to study further about essential oils and their properties.


Prior to using essential oils, be aware of any sensitivity. Never use them on or near the eyes, avoid mucous membranes or taken by mouth. Always skin test first (diluting a small amount with vegetable, sweet almond or grapeseed oil), and apply to skin on arm. Do NOT use if redness or irritation occurs. If at any time, redness, burning or itching occur, stop using the oil immediately. Some oils are irritating to the skin, some make skin sensitive to ultraviolet light, some should be avoided by those with epilepsy and high blood pressure — please be sure to read Essential Oils Precautions.


Because essential oils are highly concentrated, they must be treated with respect. It is important to be knowledgeable about them and their properties.


We recommend reading more about this fascinating subject and/or consulting a trusted aromatherapist to assist you, if you are interested in exploring aromatherapy.



Tomorrow we will cover: Important PRECAUTIONS & Considerations When Using Essential Oils.


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