Invasive Plants Threaten Our Ecosystem

Dandelion   While we’re on the subject of conservation, did you know that sometimes what we do not plant is actually better for the environment? This flies in the face of “replanting” for a greener earth, to be sure. Surprising as it may seem, plant selection – choosing non-invasive species for your garden can truly impact the world. Here’s how…


Gloria McClure, Herb Society of America Botany and Horticulture Chair in the current issue of the HSA newsletter, warns that the “promise of horticulture depends upon you and me.” Talk about a far-reaching global effect from a grassroots level! “One of the largest threats to native plants (and that includes native herbs) and their communities is invasive species. In fact their toll on the environment is second only to habitat destruction.”


What this means is that certain species of plants are invasive or have negative impact on conservation in the native ecosystems of some regions, but not all.


Learn more here:

Linking Ecology and Horticulture to Avoid Plant Invasion

Center for Plant Conservation


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