Herbal Homekeeping with Essential Oils

Vic VioletsnRoses       More Room Fragrancing Ideas ~


* BOWL Method: 2-6 drops essential oil in 1 cup hot water; set in room until water cools.

*OIL BURNER: Follow manufacturer instructions.

*Light Bulb Ring: follow instructions on package, generally 2-3 drops essential oil on ring, place on light bulb.

*Scent a Fire: place 1 drop essential oil on each log before burning; or pine cones, to toss into fire.




For “doggy smells” in pet beds, spray with a solution of 3 drops eucalyptus oil + 2 drops rosemary oil + 2 ounces purified water.





Shoes can be freshened with a drop of Tee Tree Oil (essential oil) with a drop into he shoe, or on a cotton ball placed in the shoes.


We recommend a blend of Tea Tree and Lavender essential oils!






Scent padded hangers, neck and bed pillows with a couple of drops of essential oil on them, before using.





For Scented Linens:


Add 6 drops of essential oil in 1/2 pint water in small spray bottle, to scent sheets.


We recommend Lavender, for sweet dreams!




For Steam Inhalation & Vaporizer:


Add 2-3 drops of essential oil —


*In hot water, lean head over bowl and inhale 1-5 minutes (NOT safe for young children or asthmatics).


In vaporizer filled with water (NOT safe for young children or asthmatics).



We do hope you enjoyed reading about essential oils. I have studied aromatherapy and herbs since 1982. If you are interested in reading more similar information and herbal ideas, please sign-up to receive our  *FREE* Herbal Treasures’ E-zine!


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