Herbal Homekeeping: Make Spring Cleaning Aromatherapy Part IV

Vic VioletsnRoses      Other Simple Herbal Homekeeping Cleaning Solutions:   Final Part in this Series


For cleaning countertops, sinks, bathtubs and toilets: Make a solution with a
castile or vegetable-based liquid soap, adding a drop of lavender or tea tree essential oil. A very little “dab”  of liquid
castile will do the job! (NOTE: Essential oil-scented castile soaps are also available for purchase, conveniently applied right from the squeeze bottle.)


For cleaning oven spills, scouring copper pans and metal cookware: Sprinkle coarse salt on fresh spills in the oven, then wipe off. Sprinkle salt on rust stains, add a squeeze of lemon. Let sit several hours; wipe off and rinse.


For cleaning and polishing wood furniture: Add 2 tablespoons lemon juice to 10 drops of lemon oil, and a few drops of jojoba oil. Apply and polish with soft cloth. Make this mixture up each time you need it.


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