Create an Herban Oasis at Home – Part I of II

Spa         Herban Renewal – Personal Spa & Treatments: 

Turn your bath into a spa where you can retreat to rejuvenate yourself and revive your spirit!  With a few herbal additions and simple indulgences, you can create a true Herban Oasis — here are some ideas to help…

Light a scented candle, to create a calming atmosphere.

Freshly brew and sip an herbal tea, to relax, and stay healthfully hydrated.

Aromatherapy helps to create the perfect bath-retreat:

Potpourri or amber-scented bars placed artfully in a lovely container, add a scent-imental touch.


  Create your own bath oil by adding a few drops of an essential oil to a nutmeg (whole) sized amount of light oil (ie, sweet almond or sunflower oil): perhaps 3 drops lavender and 2 rose geranium essential oils. Run bath water, then add oil. Keep door closed, to keep fragrance in bath spa area. Breath deeply! Enjoy…

  OR ~ Enjoy an herbal bath sachet (fresh or dried herbs tied up in a muslin bag (so plumbing  won’t clog), placed under the running faucet.

  Herbal soaps are a lovely touch to the bath — they come in a variety of forms —   glycerin and basic bars, to gels. They add color, texture and scent the bath!

If your hair is dry, or requires deep conditioning, apply a hair mask prior to bath. Here are some home spa hair treatments you can make and enjoy: Spa Hair Treatments Recipes

After a wonderful soak of at least 20 minutes in an herbal-infused bath, rinse off in a warm shower, dry off with a lush, warm towel. Soft towels are key to nurturing.

Using a complementary scented moisturizing lotion, take the time to lavishy apply and enjoy!

Slip into a terry or other after-bath spa type robe and slippers you’ve placed nearby.

A pedicure is part of a “spa” treatment – soak your feet first, adding a drop or two of tea tree essential oil to the foot soak. 


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