Lemon Grass: Growing, Harvesting and Using It

Lemon Grass     About Lemon Grass~ How to Grow, Harvest & Use 

To harvest, remove a single “bulb,” cut and generally use the bottom third (white part) in cooking, by finely slicing or dicing.

The entire stalk is useful in cooking…

Generally measuring about 24  18″ long, these dry grassy-like leave are easily harvested fresh from your garden: remove outer layer;  the 1/2 -3/4″ width bulb, bottom 2 inches, is the portion to chop and freeze — you can mince or puree, prior to freezing.

You can also use the tender, inner leaves and sauté stir fry, or use in sauces or salads.

Outer leaves and tops can be chopped and added to marinades, or used to brew tea (strained out later). To make tea: steep in hot water.

The tough top part of the stalk can be bundled and added to soups or stocks, removing before serving. Tops and outer stalks can be saved for infusions — just cut up and freeze.

Another idea – make an infusion (as described above), add sugar to taste, and add to unflavored gelatin mixture; pour into ice cube trays; when set, add to lemon ice cream, sorbet, or serve with lichees.

When growing lemon grass, be sure to separate the clumps, replanting in new pots, because it will strangle itself. Trimming off the older blade of Lemon Grass encourages young shoots on the plant.

NOTE: Lemon Grass can generally be found in the herb & spice section of many grocery stores.


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