Making Cosmetics and Preparations Using Herbs from Your Garden

scntd ger    An Introduction to Making Preparations from the Garden Using Herbs to Make Cosmetics & Toiletries 

There are many ways to enjoy using herbs, and crafting cosmetics with them is one way to not only discover their delights, but also to derive the benefits intrinsic to the plant properties through use. Fresh or dried organic herbs and essential oils of the highest quality you can find, are recommended for these applications.


Enjoying the herbal benefits, along with the fact that the homemade formulations may be made to address specific health needs, the finished product may be much purer than similar purchased commercially made preparations, and with little no chemicals and additives. As we all live in a very “chemical” world today, this is the goal for many of us  who choose the herbal ways. Natural and organic in origin — with the finished product as close to the original ingredients which comprise it.



There are several ways to make herbal cosmetic preparations:


* Infused Oils                         *Essential Oils

*Salves                                   *Herbal Steams & Compresses

*Creams & Lotions                *Herbal Baths

*Other Skincare Items            *Hair & Nail Care


Based on desired results, and your research into the herbs called for in selected recipes, the first step is to gather fresh plants for processing into cosmetics.


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