Herbal Inspirations for a Scent-imental Home

Vic VioletsnRoses     HERBAL INSPIRATIONS: Easy Ideas to Enhance Your Home & Life with Herbs! 

Here are some easy ideas to add touches of grace to your home and life with all things herbal ~ Enjoy!

A few ideas to create a scent-imental home using essential oils: 

Diffuse the fragrance in a room by placing a drop on the lightbulb of a strategically located lamp – or for continued scenting, use a ceramic lamp ring, an aroma fan or plug-in scent ball.

For drawers, cupboards and more areas — dot some onto a cotton ball and rub inside drawers (or use a scented terracotta aroma stone), sofa and table underside; air conditioner grill (use a cotton swab); a few drops onto pine cones, to toss in when starting a winter fire.

All around your home — make your own room freshener with a few drops mixed with water, in a small spray bottle. Scent your sheets this way, too!

Add a few drops to laundry rinse water, to fragrance linens and lingerie.

Refragrance your potpourri.


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