Making Potpourri from Your Garden – Part II of VII

Potpourri     Potpourri: A Beautiful Blend


Potpourri is a blend of fragrant botanical materials comprised of barks, flowers, gums, resins, roots, seeds, and woods, which if properly blended, and the scent is allowed to fully develop before setting out, will retain its fragrance for months. Great personal gifts for friends, home uses for potpourri are endless — scenting closets, cupboards, stationery; adding a scented touch to any room, displayed in baskets, bowls, or other containers. Some special blends repel moths.


There are two methods to prepare potpourri:


The dry method is a blend of  crisp, dry, scented botanical materials, combined for scent as well as appearance.


The moist method: includes fresh scented materials, which ferment in crocks for a period of weeks, before setting out.


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