Making Potpourri from Your Garden – Part IV of VII

Potpourri      Decorative Potpourri


Blending fragrant combinations of botanicals to make one predominant scent — or mood is the goal. Always concoct potpourris in a well-ventilated place, so that you will not be overcome by the overwhelming scents! 


When mixing a potpourri from a recipe or formula, always measure and weigh botanicals, beginning with the heaviest materials: barks, roots, spices; then add the lighter, more delicate flowers and leaves for texture, by gently combining and stirring, to combine. Adding the fixative which helps to hold the fragrance, generally calculated at 15-25%, based on weight of the blend, is the next step. Using an eyedropper, add 1/2 essential oils called for in the formula, stirring and analyzing the fragrance — is more needed to achieve the desired scent? Adjust accordingly.


When blending is completed, place potpourri in a glass container with a non-reactive lid. Store potpourri in a cool, dry, dark place for two weeks. This aging process allows all the different fragrances in the potpourri to blend. Remember: you cannot ruin a potpourri blend — alter the fragrance by adding more botanicals and/or oils.


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