Making Potpourri from Your Garden – Part V of VII

Potpourri     Creating Potpourri Blends


A potpourri may also be created beginning with a base blend, a complete potpourri in its own right, with a predominating scent (ie, citrus, floral, herb, spice, woody, etc.). In this case, botanicals are added for color and texture, for eye appeal. The formula for this type of potpourri:


“Scented Base” + Fixative + Essential Oils/Fragrance Oils + Botanicals for Color/Fragrance = Finished Potpourri



           Blending Essentials


No special or expensive equipment is necessary to make potpourri, however it is recommended the supplies you use to mix and store be dedicated just to this process:


Glass or glazed ceramic bowls for mixing potpourri blends

Glass or stainless steel measuring cups

Stainless steel spoons, for mixing 

Glass jars with tight-fitting lids to store potpourri while aging (recommend non-reactive lids)

Eyedroppers, for adding essential oils to potpourri blends

Mortar and pestle, to crush or bruise seeds

Blender, grain mill, spice grinder or coffee-type mill (thoroughly cleaned, if ever previously used)

A small sharp knife for slicing

Stainless skewers, to pierce fruit for pomanders


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