Making Potpourri from Your Garden – Part VI of VII

Potpourri     Special Hints for Making Potpourri:


*Do NOT use any plastic bowls, jars, or utensils, as they absorb and retain odors.

*Do NOT use wooden spoons, as they absorb oils and fragrance.

*Do NOT use kitchen equipment to mix potpourri, returning it to kitchen afterward,.for safety.

*Use amber or dark glass jars for storing potpourri, while aging.

*Using two small bottles (up to about 4oz size), add high quality grain alcohol, using one to clean the eye droppers, to remove any traces of oil.

*If using essential oils (not fragrance oils), when the alcohol is changed in the small jars used for previously for cleaning, adjust alcohol with addition of desired essential oil, to make a cologne! .


CAUTION:  Orris root and orris root powder are commonly-used fixatives in potpourri formulas. Orris root, and the very finely powdered orris root may cause allergic reactions. Great caution in handling this material in blending, as well as the finished potpourri is recommended.


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