Herbal Wedding Ideas Part III

Rose Pnk   Here are some herbal ideas, to inspire: 

Tussie Mussies, Hand-tied Bouquets, Nosegays, Bride’s Bouquet

      Hand-decorated Candles Embellished with Pressed Herbs & Flowers

  Fresh Herbal Wreath Encircling Wedding Punch Bowl, Ice Rings, Garnishes

           Herbs & Flowers to Decorate Wedding Cake and as Garnishes

       Decorate Placesettings, Napkins, Table Decor,  Serving Tables/Pieces

  Favors might include Potpourri (ours was a handmade heart-shaped sachet)

    Wedding candies include flavorings such as mint, and may also be a favor.

         Potted Centerpieces can double as favors for guests to take home.

      Symbolic Herb Sprigs, Beribboned and/or Gilded may also be a favor

  Beribboned Herb & Flower Table and Chairback Swags, Pew Decorations          

Crown of Herbs & Flowers for the Bride, Decorated Haircombs or Hat                       

Ring Pillow stuffed with Potpourri, Flower Girl Head Garland                

Strewing Herbs, Candle Beboches, Herb & Flower or Potpourri Wreaths,          

Herb &  Flower Cones on site, Stunning Displays in Unexpected Places.

   Distinctive Arrangements,Special Decorations for the Function or Event Site.

Potted Herbs, or Herbs & Flowers in Baskets or Containers, for Decoration

Arrangements for Wedding Ceremony Site, at Wedding Guest Registration Table,

Guest Book, Special Guest Pen, and in Guest Accommodations.

                Scented Candles! 

   Herbal Recipes for all occasions!


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