Herbal Wedding Ideas Part V


Wedding Wreaths, Bouquets, Tussie Mussies, Nosegays. Boutonnieres, Corsages,

Candles, Centerpieces, Arrangements,  Potpourri, Favors,

Ringbearer’s Pillow, Flower Girl’s Basket, anything carried by wedding party, Cake Toppers,

any decorations.


Even some of the larger pieces can be trimmed down, and parts preserved in a meaningful way. 

There are services around the country that specialize in preserving floral memories.


Perhaps you could try your hand at this, using silica gel, available at many craft and floral supplies stores.


Disassemble the bouquet (or floral item), and cut all stems down to 2 inches in length. Following the package instructions, bury each floral piece in the silica gel. When all pieces are well covered with the silica gel, seal the container. In about one week, they will be preserved, and upon removal from the silica gel, should be sprayed with either clear plastic or shellac for protection from humidity or even possibly shattering. Display out of direct sunlight, indoors.



However you choose to preserve your herbal-floral remembrances, it is critical that the preservation process be done as quickly as possible. Keep the flowers cool and dry, prior to beginning of this process.


When the preservation process is completed, florals may be reassembled as they were originally arranged (photos taken help), or create a meaningful design incorporating them, as another memory. 


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