Cooking with Flowers – Part II

Rose Rugosa   Flower Essences in Cooking

Flower essences may be added to recipes in a number of ways – whole or parts of flowers, as well as flower waters, long a pantry shelf staple…

Harking back to Victorian times, flower waters are actually an infusion of the selected flower – most commonly used are rose or orange flowers. Flower infusions are made by steaming the selected (organic) flower petals in water, placed in a double boiler, for one
hour. Remove the limp petals, and replace with fresh flowers. Repeating this process for a total of 7 times.

Or – you could always buy “flower waters”! They are available most often in specialty shops, and are bottled in cobalt blue bottles.

Flower waters add the delicate essence and underlying hint of flavor as a recipe component. They can be used to make syrups, sauces, jellies, ices and sorbets, as well as to flavor drinks and desserts.

I remember hearing about an Indian delicacy – Rose Ice Cream – sounds absolutely luscious, doesn’t it?

Think back to deeply smelling a truly fragrant rose, or enjoying the sweet scent of a citrus tree in bloom, and you get the picture of the pure essence of flower waters.


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