Herbed Roastin’ Ears

Corn  Herbed Roastin’ Ears

4 ears fresh corn, in husks
2 Tb unsalted butter, softened
2 Tb chopped fresh herbs (ie, marjoram, oregano, sage, thyme, or fav blend)
2 Tb herb butter (of choice/or on hand), softened

The method of roasting these `roastin’ ears’ is on a grill: gas grill, heated to medium temperature; or if using a charcoal grill, over glowing, ashy coals, but not directly over them.

Cut the stalk (“handle”) end off each ear of corn, leaving the outer husks intact; peel back the husk, removing the corn silk. On each ear, spread ½ Tb unsalted butter/fresh herbs or herbed butter. Replace husk, and tie to secure with cooking twine in 2 places on each prepared ear of corn. (If you are concerned the twine will catch fire, soak it in water for a few minutes, first.)

Place the ears on the grill, cooking for about 20 minutes, over indirect heat, and occasionally turning them.

NOTE: Cooking time depends upon your grill and preferences. You will want to check it throughout the cooking process. The husks will brown as they cook. If the husks catch fire when lifting the grill lid, quickly turn them, and close the lid.


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