Mini-Bog Garden

Venus Flytrap   Garden Project: Making a Mini-Bog Garden

These low-maintenance garden planters are interesting conversation pieces in the garden! From reputable sources (due to rare and endangered species regulations), select from assorted carnivorousplants: Pitcher Plants, Venus Flytraps, Sundews, Cobra Orchid.

Choose a large (planter bowl-type) container with a drainage hole, and a deep saucer or tray (in which planter may be placed) that will hold water.

In a bucket, combine equal parts of sand and sphagnum peat; add water and mixing until a muddy mixture results. (For texture, perlite or pine needles may be added.) Within 2 inches of the rim, fill the chosen planter with mud mixture, pressing down to remove air pockets. Place prepared container into saucer or tray filled with mineral-free water.

Plan how you wish to arrange your selected plants; then insert each plant into a hole dug into the growing medium; pressing around rootballs, to close airspaces. On top of the growing medium, place a sheet of live sphagnum moss, tucking in around each plant. This finishes the container attractively, and helps to retain moisture.

Watering with mineral-free water (ie, collected rainwater, or sodium- free bottled water), along with adding fresh sphagnum moss as needed, or pulling any weeds, are all the maintenance that are required.

Plants go dormant in the winter. Prune any dead plant materials in the spring, to make room for healthy growth.


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