Fall is Garlic Planting Time

Garlic Garlic (Allium sativum) is a hardy perennial member of the onion family.

The fall, just prior to the first frost is the time we plant garlic in our gardens. No special items need to be ordered to enjoy yummy garlicky results next season!

Prepare soil with compost and organic matter, so that it is fertile and frisable (loose texture).

Simply plant the larger garlic cloves (located on the outside of a garlic bulb you buy at the store, farm stand or membership warehouse), with the pointed end turned upward; set them at a depth of one-half to one inch deep, allowing 18 to 30 inches between the rows. 

Once planted, make sure the soil remains evenly moist.  

The bulbs may be harvested when the tops begin to dry. In our garden, this is in the spring.


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