Ready for Spring?!

Seed Packets Some folks have had more than their share of wintry weather, and while cold temperatures came into our area earlier than usual, along with unanticipated great intensity, the last few days have been nearly spring-like here.

In the meantime, we are receiving seed and plant catalogs daily, as you may be. In my observation, the mailings seem to get earlier each season. I received the first catalog in early November, for the next growing season. Perhaps regularly seeing these catalogs along with the unseasonably ‘warm’ weather (50-60F), inspires my thinking “spring.”

So I admit to being bitten by the ‘spring’ bug — early, without merit at this point. While seeming to suffer the early blast of cold, I know that winter is still with us. Due to this stark reality, my early spring fever is completely unwarranted. I have not truly earned this status, having not yet fully completed this cycle. I know January well, and expect that cold smack upside the head anytime soon… it reminds me that we are in a New Year, to make the most of it, and that I am alive!

Yesterday, I went to a nearby home improvement center and discovered a tremendous selection of seeds. Upon checking out, the cashier confirmed my thoughts: they were offering the seeds earlier than usual!

What seeds did I buy? The list was long, so I will include it in my next post…


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