Garden Safety

ChildrenSafety is a concern even when gardening. If you use chemicals of any kind, fertilizers, and pesticides be sure to thoroughly read the label and follow the instructions. This is one are that is often neglected — much to the peril of the gardener or¬†dire results in the garden, from not following ¬†instructions properly.

Here are some websites with garden safety information:

List of Tocic Plants:

Garden Safety with Children:


Cooperative Extension Office:

American Association of Poison Control Centers (24-hour hotline): 1-800-222-1222

Snow in the Garden

snow-0907We enjoyed a light blanket of snow in the Herbal Treasures garden recently.

Snow provides insulation as well as moisture for the garden.

This one disappeared by late afternoon, but it was pretty in the morning and early part of the day…