Herbal Treasures Garden Grow e-course

HT GarNew Year’s resolutions often pinpoint areas we want to “work” on, but in order to be successful we have to lay out an action plan to accomplish at least a portion of the desired goal. Sometimes we have to spend a little time preparing ourselves, by learning more, or reviewing information to get clear on what lies ahead.

What are your gardening resolutions or plans for the upcoming growing season?

Are you planning to grow the Garden of Your Dreams in 2008?

Fine-tuning an existing garden or designing a new plot?

Want some sage advice to inspire and get you growing?

You are herbacordially invited to join us for our Herbal Treasures Garden Grow e-course!

You may be wondering what Herbal Treasures Garden Grow e-course is all about… 

It is a 7-day program that is offered on a complimentary basis, to anyone at any gardening experience level who signs up.

What are your New Year gardening plans? Please do leave a comment and fill me in…

Hope you’ll come “Dig the Dirt” with me, as we prepare to get growing in 2008!