Garden Planning is Key

AlmanacPlanning a garden is a laudable endeavor, but a daunting one to me. Perhaps if I ever take a landscaping course I will not feel as intimidated by the process. I have to be honest and share that laying things out on paper makes me feel not as free to create as I imagine.

If this resonates with you — take heart. Our Herbal Treasures of Hickory Hollow Garden was officially established in 1998, and I still haven’t graphed everything out section-by-section.

Except for designing the ‘bones’ of the basic garden because we were preparing the site from scratch, I could never bring myself to draw in and identify each nook and cranny of the space. Perhaps this is the very reason you will likely never see a neatly clipped and meticulously-trimmed hedge row in our Herbal Treasures’ garden. This may seem an astonishing admission from a Visual-type person, but it is true.

That said, ‘planning’ your garden does not have to involve drawing yours out to scale, with plant graphics plotted strategically on your careful sketch. For a successful garden another type of planning will help to ensure a garden hopefully more closely matching the one you imagine:

1) Determine location: amount of sun and or shade, space available, type of soil and lay out; accessibility to water source.

2) Plant selection is key: read about plants you are interested in and determine if they are possible for you to grow in your Hardiness Zone. This can be heartbreaking, but it won’t break the bank quite as easily, for your investment!

3) Consider use of the garden: 

Cutting flowers?

Growing vegetables?

For entertaining?

Do you have pets and/or children?   


The fun part is in finding the plants you would like to add to your garden. A great variety of them are now available at garden centers everywhere, and there are specialty catalogs and websites that offer more exotic, unusual or often more difficult to find plants to fill that niche.

Another reason I have not sketched out our garden is that it is a work in progress. It has changed radically in at least 3 different phases throughout it’s existence. I think if I were to draw it out, I would feel like “that was it,” and we are not there, yet.


Enjoy the process — happy ‘planning’ — most of all, happy planting!

IMPORTANT Announcement about Herbal Treasures’ Website

Our heartfelt tussy mussies of thanks to our many, many Garden Friends, herby folks and online supporters for faithfully reading Herbal Treasures of Hickory Hollow’s writings and joining us on the winding garden path since 1998. It has been such fun! We appreciate all of you, your support and interest — thank you!

After much consideration, we decided to travel “light” and make our Herbal Treasures’ garden home here on WordPress. In doing so, we recently let go of the domain (website URL) that we had held since 1998. Please be advised that anything now appearing on our old website URL is in no way affiliated with Herbal Treasures of Hickory Hollow or also known as Herbal Treasures.

It has recently come to our attention that the new domain owner is still utilizing some of the webpage URLs we previously established, even though the content is not relevant to the title of the page. Again, these new pages are in no way affiliated with Herbal Treasures of Hickory Hollow or also known as Herbal Treasures. At no time has Herbal Treasures of Hickory Hollow or also known as Herbal Treasures ever sold herbs, teas, supplements, soaps, essential oils or any related products online.

Last year, we began to offer our Advent Wreath Making Book and Devotional for purchase. This year, we upgraded to offer them in addition to an instructional video and more include more materials, making the package a real online Advent Wreath Making Workshop! The feedback has been very positive for the Advent Wreath Making Workshop, and we have been and are in the midst of rolling our more online multimedia herbal workshops.

Most of the ‘herbal work’ I have been busy with this year has been offline. I have been very involved with turning much of my writings and research into multimedia formats, which I think you will enjoy. A Basketful of Herbal Snippets, the book I wrote to celebrate Library Week with The Herb Society of America is about to go to press and will soon be available in a republished format.

All of this exciting change comes at a great time we think, with our 10th online anniversary this year!

We do have many more exciting plans that we will be rolling out during 2009, so hope you will stay tuned…

All best wishes for a Happy, Herbal 2009!

Look forward to seeing you in the New Year…