More Signs of Spring: Seed & Plant Catalogs


Yes, even when they begin arriving in October (earliest I’ve ever received them — beginning in 2008), I know seed and plant catalogs are true ‘signs of spring.’ They harken my attention to the fact that no matter if the weather outside is frightful, the ensuing springtime will be delightful. They beckon me to begin thinking about what my garden plans will be for the fast-approaching season, for as we all know it will be here before we know it!

Seed and plant catalogs can be an excellent educational tool that don’t really require a great deal of intense study — but do peruse to your heart’s content, of course. Teeming with descriptives as to what to expect from the particular plant, growing specifications and requirements. The beautiful color photos to show the reader what a mature plant will look like — in ideal growing conditions, of course.

A really great seed or plant catalog will inspire ideas for using or enjoying the grown plant and perhaps recipes, as applicable. For the most part, these catalogs are written to be enjoyed by gardeners of all levels of experience — from beginner to the most experienced.

In recent years, many exciting plant developments have been made in the horticulture world. ne very interesting such advance is the disease-resistant elm tree. By reviewing seed and plant catalogs, a gardener can not only make plans for the approaching growing season, they can remain updated on the most recent developments and choose new and improved varieties of old-time favorites.

Have you been receiving plant and seed catalogs?

What are some of your favorite catalogs?

Please leave a comment about your favorites… let’s share and discuss the most interesting catalogs we’ve been receiving — and enjoying!


Mulch Weed-Prevention Properties are Kicked up a Few Notches with New Product

Children¬†Just across my desk in the Potting Shed: Information about a time-saving, weed-preventing PREEN(R) Mulch Plus(R) product that claims its line of mulches prevent weeds for six months with one application. The mulch is comprised of premium hardwoods enhanced with two herbicides to prevent broad-leaf and grassy weeds from germinating.¬†Introduced in 2007, the product line offers a variety of colors to choose from and is said to be used around established trees, shrubs, perennials and bedding plants — do read the package directions before buying and applying it. Available from Lowe’s nationwide and select independent garden centers.